Monday, November 16, 2015

Grandparents’ Day of smart health care /‪#‎RondishCare‬

Many people in the United States observe National Grandparents’ Day on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. This day celebrates grandparents.

On this day many people honor their grandparents through a range of actions such as gift-giving or card-giving.  Many children have special activities at school such as sharing stories about their grandparents.  About four million greeting cards are sent within the United States each year on National Grandparents Day. This day is also an opportunity for people to appreciate and express their love to their grandparents through kind actions such as making a phone call or inviting their grandparents for dinner.  People living in retirement villages or nursing homes may receive a visit from their grandchildren or loved ones on this day.

National Grandparents Day is an observance and not a public holiday in the United States, but many people think it should be made an official holiday.  Many other nations have embraced the idea of a special day to honor grandparents, including France, Mexico, Australia, Poland, and Pakistan, just to name a few.


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