Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rondish : Profession of Smart Health Care / #RondishCare

Established in 1989 in Hong Kong, Rondish strives to make the caregiving jobs easier and elderly and disabled safer by designing a comprehensive range of healthcare security products and offering them to the world. We offer a complete healthcare security solution with our core products for performing Fall Prevention, Anti-wandering and Nurse Call systems. 

As a product innovator, we have been creating leading product features like secure reset and cordless monitoring. We hold several patents and registered trademarks, including Bed/ChairWatcher® and SilverLining® sensor pads for fall prevention, DoorWatcher® for anti-wandering and Protektor® for nurse call system. Our state-of-the-art healthcare wireless security system is easy to install, flexible and user-friendly, plus are often able to integrate with your existing nurse call hardware, hassle-free.

Our products have penetrated the market worldwide. We have partnered closely with the leading distributors in developed countries including US, UK, Spain, Australia and Singapore and so on. Our products are widely applied in eldercare facilities, hospitals and other healthcare premises in the world with clients including Hong Kong Hospital Authority and Marie Curie Care Centre in UK.

We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certifications for medical products proving quality management in accordance with professional standards. All our products are FCC/CE certificated and compliance with UL 1069, and therefore approved for use in US and European countries.

Built on 25-year core professional engineering expertise, our research and development team has grown in versatility, designing unique security products and creating new wireless alarm and location technology offered as advanced healthcare security solutions to global customers.



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