Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Evolution of Modern Healthcare #DoorWacher #RondishCare

The DoorWatcher Anti-Wandering System provides peace of mind for caregivers for taking care of children with autism and adults with Alzheimers or dementia who are at risk for wandering.
Wandering patients may get into trouble if they go out unattended. DoorWatcher will sound an audible and visual alert if someone attempts to pass a door gate. This will remind the wanderer that they should not be exiting through the door, and alert a caregiver that assistance may be required.
Simply mount the door monitor alarm by any exit or doorway in your care facility, plug it in and place a wristband on residents to be monitored. If a patient wearing a wristband transmitter moves within range of the door strip sensor, an alarm will sound and lights will flash. Alarms can be reset with a Caregiver Key.
To install, just mount door strip alarm system, plug it in, then put wristband on resident and test.


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